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Integrating your eCommerce store with Sendle is a great way to streamline your parcel booking process, saving you time and money so you can focus on doing the things you’re best at.

Here are some of the ways you can integrate your eCommerce store with Sendle:

Simple dashboard integrations

From your Sendle dashboard, you can connect the following eCommerce platforms with your Sendle account. 

When you use eCommerce integrations with Sendle, we've made it super easy to fetch and filter a large amount of orders using a browser find tool within Dashboard>Integrations.

Here are our guides for connecting your eCommerce store:

Use our API to integrate Sendle into your store

If it's a custom integration you're after, you (or your friendly developer) can build in Sendle's API to your online store. 

It's super developer-friendly, allowing for building, testing, and consigning within the day.

Check it out here: Sendle API

eCommerce and logistics platforms 

By integrating Sendle to these platforms you can streamline your booking even further; connect multiple stores and marketplaces, add multiple users, batch printer labels, and much more:

Third-party plugins

We also have trusted third-party developers who have created plugins for eCommerce stores. 
If you have further questions about these plugins, please contact the developers directly through the corresponding links: 

Have eCommerce integration questions?

If you have any questions about these integrations or need an integration for your store that isn't listed here, get in touch with our support team.

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