Brand tracking emails

Adding your company logo or profile picture to your account settings will brand the tracking emails that are sent to the parcels receiver. 

Set your logo in your account settings

To set your profile image just head to your account settings tab. Click 'choose file' and then 'save' to update the image on your account. Now this image will appear in tracking emails and on your dashboard. 

Image requirements

  • Minimum Size: 150 x 150px 
  • Optimal aspect ratio: 1:1
  • File types: JPG, PNG or GIF
  • File size: Images files can’t be larger than 2MB
  • Minimum resolution: 72dpi 

Your logo will appear in the tracking emails, above your business name

Notes: If you do not add a logo or profile picture to your account, your profile picture will appear as a coloured chevron in the tracking emails. If you send a parcel to someone who has added their profile picture or logo, this will appear in your account next to the order (instead of a coloured chevron).


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