Organise a redelivery

If a parcel cannot be delivered on the first attempt, it will either be delivered to a nearby location for collection or made available for a free redelivery.

Check the tracking

If a parcel could not be delivered and has received a scan from the courier, the tracking information will highlight this. Tracking information is available in a few locations:

  • In your dashboard, if you have an account
  • By following the tracking link in the email you received when the parcel was picked up, if you are the recipient and don't have an account
  • By visiting and entering your parcel reference.

Organise a redelivery

If the parcel is scanned by the courier as available for re-delivery, and the recipient's email address has been used in the booking, the recipient will receive an email notification. 

This email notification will include the information required to arrange a redelivery - all the recipient needs to do is follow the instructions in the email, or in the card that has been left on the premises.

It is important that you book a redelivery within the timeframe stated in the email, or on the card. This is because the parcel will be returned to the sender after the stated timeframe. 

Can't find the card?

If you don't have all of the information you need to arrange a redelivery you can: 


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