Failed payments

Sendle takes payment once weekly for the previous week's orders. This uses a stored card on your account.

If a payment fails you will be notified by email and on your dashboard. The email notification will be sent to the email address listed on your account, or to the listed billing contact if you have added one.

You can retry payment using your stored card, or add a new card by visiting the Billing tab on your dashboard.

Sendle will try to collect payment twice more over a five-day period. For each failed payment you will receive an email notification. If the third attempt fails you will not be able to book any more orders on Sendle via the dashboard, CSV or booking API.

To replace or update a stored card, visit the Billing Tab on your dashboard. Please note that if you update your stored card, Sendle will attempt to charge the card right away for any overdue invoices (this does not affect pending invoices yet to be charged).

Once payment has been successfully taken your account will unlock and you can order again.

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