How payment works

Paying for your deliveries is nice and simple with Sendle—you only pay for what you send. 

We know you want to get back to business, so this article will explain our streamlined and simple payment system:

Regular billing cycle is once a week

Sendle charges just once a week (on Sundays) for your orders sent out the previous week. 

When you sign up with Sendle you’ll need to store a card on your account so payment can be collected at the end of the weekly billing cycle.

Threshold billing

A billing threshold is a dollar amount that once hit or exceeded, will trigger a payment to be processed. It’s in addition to Sendle’s regular billing cycle of once a week, but will only be triggered if you hit the threshold before the week is up.

If you hit your billing threshold while using Sendle, it’ll trigger a payment to go through immediately (keeping in mind that the amount charged may be greater than the billing threshold, depending on how the total order amounts work out).

Everything you need to know about billing thresholds is here.

Payment card options

Sendle takes payment by credit card (or debit cards with a credit facility) through the secure Stripe payment gateway. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, with no surcharges on card payment. Currently, we do not accept PayPal. 

How to save your billing details

Here’s how you can store a credit card on your Sendle account: 

  • Login to your Sendle dashboard.
  • Click on the Billing tab in the left menu.
  • Hit the ‘Add new card’ button.

It looks like this:

Alternatively, Sendle will securely collect and store the information during the first order you book.

Payment security

Security is one of our biggest concerns, which is why we wanted to work with other companies who felt the same way. 

When you make payments with Sendle, your credit/debit card details are stored and encrypted by Stripe, who has a stellar record for high security. In fact, their security is so high that Sendle never even gets access to these details. 

To read more about Stripe’s security, check out their article

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