Paying for your deliveries is streamlined with Sendle, as you only pay for what you send.

Payment once per week

Sendle charges once per week, on Mondays, for all of your orders, not per transaction. For this reason, you will need to store a card on your account in order to for Sendle to collect payment at the end of the weekly billing cycle.

Payment card options

Sendle takes payment by credit card, or debit cards with a credit facility, through the secure Stripe payment gateway.

Accepted cards include Mastercard, Visa and American Express. We do not currently accept PayPal. We do not have any surcharges on our card payments.

Save your billing details

You can store a credit card in the Billing tab on your dashboard, or Sendle will store it when you book your first order.

On the Billing tab or during the first order by pressing the 'add new card' button during the process.

Payment security

Your credit card details are stored and encrypted by Stripe, a leading payment gateway for online payments with a stellar record for high security, Sendle never has access to these details. Security is one of the biggest considerations in everything they do. To view what Stripe says about security, please view this article.

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