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How to book multiple orders at once - CSV batch upload

The CSV Batch Uploader is a great time-saving tool if you’d like to streamline processes (and if you’re not afraid of spreadsheets).

With this tool, you can upload and book up to 300 orders at the same time (depending on your plan and order upload limit) using a spreadsheet of shipment information. You then download a single file of labels and get back to your day. 

You’ll be able to access the tool via your Sendle dashboard once you have sent your first package.

Below you’ll find all the information you’ll need to master the CSV Batch Upload Tool.

Heads up: We also integrate with logistics platforms that can streamline your bookings even further by connecting multiple stores and users.

OK, what is the CSV Batch Order Uploader?

The uploader takes your CSV file (with all your orders), books these orders with Sendle all at once, and then gives you a file with all your labels to download and print. The Batch Order tool can create up to 300 orders per CSV upload. 

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values which is a format where data is separated by commas. Creating a CSV is simple using common applications your computer already has, such as Excel or Numbers. In most cases, it’s simply a case of saving your spreadsheet in one of these applications as a .csv file. 

Where to upload my file?

To upload your correctly formatted CSV, click 'Batch Order' at the top right from your dashboard homepage. 


We’ve included a sample file on the ‘Batch Order’ page that you’ll be able to download and use to upload your orders with. 

Looking for a head start? Download our CSV template.

Input addresses correctly

When it comes to mastering shipping, the most important thing to know is this: it’s all in the address. We use the mantra of: if you put in good addresses, you get good deliveries… but if you put in bad addresses, you end up with bad deliveries.

With this in mind, there are three things you need to get right:

  • Addresses
  • Volume and/or weight of each parcel
  • Delivery instructions 

So, let’s make sure you’re nailing it from the start: 

1. Addresses

There are many ways to write an address, but there’s only one way that works for our delivery partners. 

Sendle’s booking system cannot verify if the address you enter is real (only that the suburb/postcode is serviceable). 

This means that you must master a few important address components:

  • Input the street name and number in the first field: sender_address_line1 and receiver_address_line1
  • Input any descriptive information, like floor and apartment number, in the second field: sender_address_line2 and receiver_address_line2
  • Input the business name in the company field: sender_company and receiver_company
  • Use a matching city and zip code.

The example below shows you the right way to input the address:


Address line 1

Address line 2



Zip code



Wonka Candy Company

123 Fake Road 

Suite #1001

Beverly Hills 




2. Volume and Weight

The combination of each parcel’s weight and volume is used to determine the price of each delivery.

  • Volume is calculated as a cube (like a box). We represent this volume in cubic inches, so it's super easy to figure out. Find your volume in cubic inches by just multiplying your box length by width by height in inches. Voila! Volume!
  • The weight of your parcel is calculated in pounds. Input the weight of your parcel without the measurement e.g. 0.25 or 5 (not 5lbs, or pounds). This article about sizes and weight limits might be useful too.

3. Delivery Instructions

Delivery instructions are used to help the driver leave the package in the most convenient location.

You have 100 characters maximum for delivery instructions. So, use them wisely!

We have a whole article to help you create clear instructions.

Order limits: How many orders can I create with a single batch?

Your batch order limit is the maximum number of orders you can include in a single CSV file. It’s based on your billing threshold, and it increases as your sending volume increases.

When you create orders (manually or using a batch upload) the cumulative cost of your orders is displayed on the Billing page under Pending charges and your current billing threshold is shown under Next payment.

When your pending charges reach your billing threshold, Sendle activates a payment. As soon as that payment goes through successfully your billing threshold increases, and your batch order limit increases to match. 

This process repeats as your sending volume grows, until you reach the maximum billing threshold and batch order limit for your plan type.

You can see your upload limit on the Batch upload page:Screen_Shot_2021-07-08_at_13.29.50.png


Batch order limit too low?

No worries, just split your orders across multiple CSV files. There’s no limit to the amount of CSV files you can upload in a day

And, good news – if you upload multiple CSVs it’s likely that you’ll hit your billing threshold, which will raise your batch order limit for next time.

Batch order limits by plan type

When you first start sending parcels with Sendle, your billing threshold will be set to an initial amount, depending on your Sendle plan type. As your sending volume increases your limit will also increase, until it reaches the maximum amount.

The starting billing threshold is $10, then $20 and increasing up to a maximum of $500
The starting batch order limit is 3 orders per CSV, then 5 orders and increasing up to a maximum of 100 orders

The starting billing threshold is $15 then $30 and increasing up to a maximum of $1,000
The starting batch order limit is 5 orders per CSV, then 10 orders and increasing up to a maximum of 200 orders

The starting threshold is $50 then $100 and increasing up to a maximum of $4,000
The starting batch order limit is 15 orders per CSV, then 25 orders and increasing up to a maximum of 300 orders

CSV Glossary


What to include in the field



Full name of the sender

Willy Wonka



Business name

Wonka Candy Company


Building number & street name

P.O. Boxes 

123 Fake Road



Building name, floor, apartment number, additional descriptive information

Suite #1001


City name

This must match the zip code/postcode entered

Beverly Hills 


Full state name or official abbreviation

CA or California


Five-digit zip code

This must match the city entered 



United States is the only option

United States or US


Used to contact the sender if there are any issues with the pickup or delivery




Information to help the pickup driver find your location and parcel

Maximum of 100 characters 

Sendle cannot phone on approach or book a specific pickup time

If not home, parcel left in blue letterbox


Full name of the receiver

Anna Smith



The receiver’s email address, used for tracking notifications



Business name



Building number & street name

No P.O. Boxes or parcel lockers

10 Apple Road



Building name, level, unit, additional descriptive information



City name

This must match the Zip code entered



Full state name or official abbreviation



Five digit Zip code

This must match the city entered 



United States is the only option

US or United States



Used to contact the receiver if there are any issues with the delivery or address information.



Maximum of 100 characters

Used to help the delivery driver find the delivery location or leave parcels in the best place.

Leave in the letterbox

The big red building, blue door



Format: yyyy-mm-dd

You’ll be able to select the pick up date when confirming the orders



Pounds are the only option



Size of the parcel, calculated in cubic inches



This description will show up in your dashboard and in tracking emails for the receiver

Planting Shop wooden planter


This reference will show up on the label 

Use to include packing instructions such as an order ID, product SKU or number of items



Only option is pounds



Only option is cubic inches


Get instant support

If something goes wrong with your delivery or you need to make a change to your order, use the Sendle Toolbox on the parcel tracking page.

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