International : Christmas 2018 offer

Are you a business? Send a parcel anywhere for $13.45


Sendle was created to deliver simple, affordable, reliable shipping that helps your business thrive. We know that small businesses sell way beyond their own backyard. You think big and so we do too.

We’re discounting all our international rates ahead of Christmas, and offering small business parcel delivery from $13.45 from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth for Pro and Premium accounts.

You can read more about this offer here.

I'm a personal sender - can I use your service?

Of course, we've got you covered too! 

With no contracts, no minimums and free pickups, you get access to the great Easy (Standard) rates.

A full overview of our international rates and services can be found here.

When are your Christmas cut-offs? 

A full overview can be found here.


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