ReadyToShip integration

You can order, track and manage your Sendle deliveries from your ReadyToShip dashboard. To do so, you will need to have a Sendle account and have access to your API key.

To access your API key please follow these steps:  

  1. Complete the form in the API tab of your account settings
  2. Once you press the claim access button, the API key will be displayed along with your Sendle ID
  3. To use Sendle (and the API) we also require you to complete the Dangerous Goods declaration which is on the pickup tab as well as add a Credit Card for billing purposes

Regenerate your API key

  1. To regenerate your API key, simply click the 'Regenerate API key' button
  2. Clicking this button will mean that any previous integrations you have with Sendle using the 'old' key will cease to work. You'll need to reconnect with the newly generated API key

Now you're all set up! 

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