ShipStation integration

ShipStation is a logistics management platform that provides an easy way to book, track and manage your Sendle parcels. This article will explain how to set it up.

Setting up your accounts

You need to have both a ShipStation account and a Sendle account to get started:

Connecting ShipStation and Sendle

Now that you have a Sendle account and a ShipStation account, it is easy to connect them. 

Step 1 - Generate your Sendle API

  • Sign in to your Sendle dashboard
  • Complete the form in the API tab of your account settings. You'll find it under 'settings' and 'integrations'.
  • Press the 'Claim Access' button, which will display your API key and your Sendle ID
  • Complete the Dangerous Goods declaration on the pickup tab (you must do this to use Sendle) 
  • Add a credit card for billing purposes (you must do this to make the integration work)

Step 2 - Connect Sendle API to ShipStation

  • Login to your ShipStation dashboard
  • Go to 'Account Settings' (the gear icon in the upper-right)
  • From the sidebar on the left, select 'Shipping' > 'Carriers & Fulfillment' 
  • On the page that appears, select '+Add a Provider Account' > 'Sendle'
  • In the popup, enter your API key, Sendle ID and an account nickname
  • Click 'Connect'

Now, you're connected and ready to quote, book and track your Sendle parcels with ShipStation!


Regenerate your Sendle API key

To regenerate your Sendle API key, simply click the 'Regenerate API key' button in your Sendle dashboard under 'settings'.

Clicking this button will mean that any previous integrations you have with Sendle using the 'old' key will cease to work. You'll need to reconnect with the newly generated API key.

Integration enquiries

If you have questions about how the Sendle and ShipStation integration can best work for your business, please get in touch with our business team or, if you need customer support, please reach out to our support team.


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