Sendle's 2-Day Delivery Guarantee


 This article explains Sendle's 2-Day Delivery Guarantee in more detail:

What is Sendle’s 2-Day Delivery Guarantee?

If your guaranteed package is not delivered within 2 business days of the pickup, we will refund your shipping costs. We will credit this to your account (but still attempt to deliver the package for you). Conditions apply.

 What is covered under the Delivery Guarantee?

Sendle will guarantee that if the qualified package is not delivered within 2 business days after the date of pickup, we will refund the package’s shipping cost. Essentially, for packages that qualify for the guarantee, you can expect it to deliver in two business days.

For example, if the package is scanned as picked up on Monday, the guarantee will not apply if the package is delivered on Wednesday (2 days after pickup) but will apply if the package is delivered on Thursday (3 days after pickup).

Will Sendle Charge any additional fee for this program?

No, the 2-Day Delivery Guarantee is free of charge.

Is there a limit to the claim amount?

The claim amount is limited to the shipping fee that you paid to Sendle.

How is the Sendle Delivery Guarantee different from shipping insurance?

Shipping insurance typically covers the content of the package in case of damage/theft/loss in transit. The Delivery Guarantee credits the shipping cost (courier fee) to the seller after they have credited the buyer in case the courier delays the package delivery beyond the guaranteed time frame.

Is the Delivery Guarantee program available when I sell internationally?

No, not yet. Currently, Sendle only delivers to US states and territories, not internationally. Stay tuned.

How does the claims process work?

Our claims process is very simple! Please check out our step-by-step guide here.

What if there was no pick-up or delivery scan?

If a pickup or delivery scan is missing, Sendle will conduct an investigation to confirm the pickup and delivery date. Sendle may contact the receiver of the package to verify the delivery date.

Does the Delivery Guarantee apply to the entire United States?

The US is quite large and spans not only from sea to shining sea but out into those seas as well. Currently, the 2-Day Delivery Guarantee covers ~92% of shipments within the contiguous United States (sorry, Alaska and Hawaii).

This means that nearly all of the shipments made in the lower forty-eight can be made in 2 days or less. For shipments outside of this range, delivery estimates will be provided but no guarantee will be made.

What can I send with Sendle under the Delivery Guarantee?

All eligible packages that meet Sendle’s shipping criteria (see above for where the guarantee applies) will be covered by the Delivery Guarantee. Sendle ships packages nationwide from envelopes to 20 lb boxes. Here are Sendle’s Size and Weight Guidelines.

There are some dangerous items that we can’t ship for you. Check out the list of no-can-do items here: List of prohibited items on Sendle.

When can we expect more zip codes to be covered by Sendle under the Delivery Guarantee?

Though our 2-Day Delivery Guarantee already covers much of the US, we’re always looking to expand. As our network expands, you'll be sure to know. If you have specific questions about your region, you can contact us.

How can I track a package I'm shipping or receiving?

Tracking is important for both the seller and the customer. This is especially true when it comes to our 2-day delivery guarantee. Sendle has a slick tracking page for both the shipper and the receiver, making it super simple to see where a package is at on its quick journey to its final destination.

For those that have a Sendle account, tracking can be reached from the dashboard. For receivers without an account, a simple tracking page is available with the Sendle six-digit tracking code.

We encourage you to include your customer's email address when booking with Sendle, so they will receive automatic tracking updates.


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