Sendle's 3-Day Guaranteed Service


What is Sendle 3-Day Guaranteed?

Our 3-Day Guarantee means that if your Sendle package sent with our 3-Day Guaranteed service isn’t delivered within three business days from the date of the first pickup or drop off scan, we will refund you the delivery cost of the package. Sweet!

The table below will tell you which day you should expect delivery after a pickup:

Pickup/Drop off day First Delivery Attempt by (COB)
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday

If the first attempted delivery date is later than the day we have outlined in the table above, Sendle will refund the entire cost of delivery. (Keep in mind that the three days exclude weekends and public holidays, and the three days begin when Sendle receives the first scan from the courier.)

How to get Sendle’s 3-Day Guarantee

To be eligible for the guarantee, you'll need:

  • To have a Sendle account in good standing
  • To have sent a package with Sendle’s 3-Day Guarantee service
  • The package arrived later than the time set forth in the 3-Day Guaranteed delivery estimate
  • The package must meet the requirements outlined in our general terms and conditions

How does the 3-Day Guaranteed claims process work?

Our claims process is super simple:

  1. Make sure you meet the eligibility in our 3-Day Guaranteed T&Cs.
  2. Contact our support team within 15 business days of the date your package was scheduled to be delivered, and include your Sendle order reference number (e.g., S3NDL3R), and mention that you’d like to claim the 3-Day Guarantee.
  3. Our team will verify whether the package is eligible for a refund, and if you are eligible for a refund, we will refund the total shipping cost paid by you to your original payment method. Check out more info on how Sendle refunds work.

Is the Sendle 3-Day Guaranteed service available for international orders?

Unfortunately, it’s not available for international orders. 

Is the Sendle 3-Day Guaranteed service available nationwide across the U.S.?

The 3-Day Guaranteed service is available across the contiguous United States, as well as Alaska and Hawaii.

Does Sendle pickup on the same day as booking?

Sendle is a next-day scheduled pickup and drop off service. If you book your parcel before midnight local time, your earliest scheduled pickup will be the following business day. 

Does Sendle pickup and deliver on weekends and public holidays?

No, ordinarily delivery drivers are on a break those days as well. On normal business days, we pickup and deliver anytime between 8am and 6pm local time.

What if there was no pickup or delivery scan?

If the pickup or delivery scan is missing, Sendle will investigate further, to confirm the pickup and delivery date. Sendle may contact the receiver of the parcel to verify the delivery date. The pickup or delivery scan time provided by the carrier will be deemed the official time and date of pickup or delivery scan.

What can you send under the 3-Day Guaranteed service?

Customers may ship parcels nationwide from 4oz up to 20 lbs. For more information, check out Sendle’s size and weight guidelines.

There are some dangerous items that we won’t be able to send at all. Check out this list of no-can-do items to make sure yours isn’t one of them!

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