SendPro + Sendle

The SendPro + Sendle platform provides simple pricing with a national flat rate, including pickup and delivery guarantees from Sendle, Australia’s highest-rated courier. SendPro Premium has no monthly subscription and no minimum order volume. SendPro Premium shippers benefit from an introductory offer of a flat shipping rate of $6* for each satchel shipped anywhere within the country. For high volume shippers with over 200 parcels per month, SendPro Professional has no monthly subscription and offers competitive shipping rates for both National and Metro across all weight categories.

* Terms and conditions apply. Available until 30 September 2018.


SendPro for existing Sendle accounts

Existing Sendle customers can gain access to SendPro’s rates by logging into SendPro + Sendle with their existing Sendle account details and filling out the form linked to on the SendPro dashboard. Account upgrades will take a little while to be processed, but you will be alerted on the SendPro dashboard when completed.

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