Getting started with Sendle's 2-Day Delivery Guarantee

Our 2-Day Delivery Guarantee is currently only available for eBay sellers, for items covered by the eBay Guaranteed Delivery Program. T&C's here.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1
Sign in to your Sendle account here.

Step 2
Then click this link, scroll to the bottom and click the opt-in for our 2-Day Delivery Guarantee program.

Step 3
Set up your rates table in eBay. Here's how.

Congratulations, you are now enrolled in Sendle's 2-Day Delivery Gurantee programme!

If your Neto account email matches your Sendle one, all eBay orders booked via the integration will be enrolled in this programme, provided you are opted in for Sendle's 2-Day Delivery Guarantee Program and eBay's Guaranteed Delivery Program.

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