WooCommerce integration: Troubleshooting

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Latest version
This integration only supports WooCommerce version 3.0 or later and WordPress version 4.4 or later. Here’s a
quick guide to updating your WooCommerce plug-in. Click here to update your WordPress to the version supported by this integration.

Wordpress site URL (Error 404)
In order to connect your WooCommerce and Sendle accounts properly, you'll need to use your Wordpress site URL. This is located on your WooCommerce admin screen under the status page and could be different to your store’s home URL.

HTTPS configured
Currently, this integration will only work for WooCommerce stores properly configured for HTTPS (which means your customers can access your store via “https://”). Jump
here if you’d like to learn how to configure HTTPS for your WooCommerce store or read WooCommerce’s SSL FAQ for an in-depth understanding of the technical stuff.

Order status: Processing
We only show orders in the Processing state, because those are waiting to be fulfilled. That means if any bookings in your WooCommerce store is marked as Completed, or any other state, it will not show up in the Sendle.com integration with WooCommerce. 

There are some plugins that automate the order from Processing to Completed upon purchase. This means no order will appear in your Sendle dashboard.  

Error: Missing parameter app_name
This problem is because the server where you deployed WooCommerce and Wordpress is not reading query string vars. Here is an official answer from WooCommerce:<https:\/\/github.com\/woocommerce\/woocommerce\/issues\/11571>

API blockers: Wordfence, and more
If you try and connect but are pulled back to start each time, it could be due to you having a plugin installed that blocks API. An example is Wordfence, but there are many more in existence. These plugins will prevent our dashboard integration with WooCommerce to work.

If you still can't connect, please let our Support team know. Include as much information as possible, including relevant screenshots and your store URL.

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