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Shopify integration: Send a parcel

This article will cover how to send a parcel once you have Shopify fully integrated.

If you haven’t connected Shopify with Sendle yet, jump over here to find out how to do that first.

Here’s how to send a parcel with Shopify and Sendle:

  1. Open the Shopify tab on your Sendle dashboard.
  2. Find the Shopify sale you want to turn into a Sendle order.
  3. Click ‘Send parcel’.
  4. Your order will pre-populate will the shipping and sales information.
  5. Check the details and select a parcel size.
  6. Click ‘Create order’.
  7. Confirm the booking.
  8. Print your label.
  9. The receiver will get Sendle's tracking email (if you have included their email with the shipment details).
  10. You can manually update the tracking details in Shopify so they match up.
  11. All your orders (and their shipping status) will be easy to find in the Sending tab of your Sendle dashboard.

Some things to keep in mind when sending a parcel with Shopify and Sendle:

  • If you have multiple items purchased in the one sale by the same receiver, it will still show as a single order in Sendle. This means that you will need to choose a Sendle parcel size that accounts for the total volume/size/parcel number.
  • The number of items you’re sending—and what those individual items are—will not show up in your Sendle dashboard. So if you’re working with a fulfillment center, we recommend using a third-party e-Commerce integration for better order visibility.

Third-party Shopify plugin

We also have trusted third-party developers who have created plugins for several eCommerce stores. If you have further questions about the Shopify plugin, you can get in touch with the plugin and developer here.

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