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Order status
Our eBay application only looks for "Completed" orders (paid for). This means we rely on eBay to update an order to "Completed" once that order is paid for. If an order is unpaid but marked as "Completed", we recommend you get in touch with eBay to get this rectified.

Already sent orders
The eBay Dashboard integration imports all orders, regardless of state (once paid for). The already fulfilled orders will still appear but with a "Marked as sent" message or a tracking ID if it was sent with us. There is currently no way for us to remove these for the view.

Click & Collect
Sendle fully supports eBay’s Click & Collect program, which allows customers to purchase items from eBay sellers and have it delivered to their nearest Woolworths or BIG W store. You can read about the setup here. 

If you're the buyer, not the seller
The integration only works for items sold, not bought, therefore, only the seller can send parcels via the integration. You can, of course, use the regular Sendle dashboard for any parcel booking, but please note it does not sync or connect tracking or parcels details with yours or the seller's eBay account.

Tracking will only sync automatically with your eBay store if you are booking via the eBay integration in your Sendle dashboard. If you are booking outside of this integration, either individually or as bulk/CSV, the tracking information can only be manually added to your eBay store.

If you still can't connect, please let our Support team know. Include as much information as possible, including relevant screenshots.

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