The parcel I’m sending hasn't arrived yet

Getting your parcels delivered quickly and safely is our top priority. This is why we include a delivery estimate with every Sendle order. 

This isn’t a guaranteed delivery date, but it is a calculated estimate on how long parcels like yours typically take, based on the particular route—kind of like an estimated time of arrival (ETA). 

Wondering where your parcel might be? 

We’ve covered the most likely scenarios in the article below:

1. If it’s still within the ETA

Just sit tight—your parcel is on its way! A driver is working hard to get it to its destination soon. You can track your parcel on your dashboard or via the tracking page with your 7 digit order reference number (tracking code). 

2. Then give it two business days

If it’s still within two business days since the delivery estimate, there’s no need to worry and your parcel should be there soon! If you’re getting tracking updates and the parcel is moving in the right direction, just sit back and relax. Delays are uncommon, but they can happen occasionally.  

3. If the parcel is late

If it’s been more than two business days since the delivery estimate date, the quickest and easiest thing to do is:

Check with the receiver

In most cases, parcels get delivered on time but there might just be a scanning delay. This can happen if a scanner is broken, a parcel has been transferred to a local third-party agent to complete the delivery, or if one of our delivery partners has hired extra drivers who do not have scanners.

First, we recommend checking with the receiver to see if they got the parcel. Do this before you launch an investigation with the support team, because in our experience, most cases are more easily resolved this way. 

If there are recent tracking updates:

If you’re getting tracking updates and the parcel is moving in the right direction, it should be delivered soon! No need to launch an investigation yet.

Launch an investigation

If you haven’t had a tracking update in a few days and it’s been over two days since the estimated delivery date, you can launch an investigation with our team via the Sendle Toolbox (which you can find in your Sendle dashboard). 

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You will need your Sendle reference number
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