Why has the cost of my parcel been adjusted?

Sometimes a parcel can be unintentionally booked as a smaller size than it actually is. 

We’ve found this happens most often when there’s been a miscalculation of weight and total dimensions – remember that outer packaging also contributes to the total dimensions.

Please don't use packaging that shows branding from other carriers (for instance, FedEx, UPS or flat rate boxes), as this can contribute to adjustment charges being added to your order.

This article will explain what adjustment charges are, how they’re calculated and how to avoid them in the future.

Adjusted costs

If you notice an adjustment charge notice on your Sendle order or on your invoice, it’s usually because the parcel was entered at a smaller size than it was measured at the depot. The machines measure the size of the parcel in its entirety – the weight as well as the outer packaging dimensions. 

The adjustment is just changing the parcel to the correct dimension and weight break. You’ll find the cost is simply the difference between those breaks (as long as the adjusted size is still within our maximum weight and size limits).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once your parcels are picked up, they go through a dimension and weight measuring machine at the shipping facility, which determines the exact weight and dimensions.
  2. This information comes through to Sendle, and if the size is larger than what was originally booked, the cost is adjusted to reflect the measured size and weight of the parcel.
  3. You’ll be charged the difference (on top of your original booking cost). 
  4. The price adjustment will be shown on the parcel’s tracking page and on your invoices.

Here’s an example: 

Say you selected the Shoebox size (max weight 10lb and max volume 518 cubic inches) for a shipment going from NYC to LA. You’re quoted and charged $12.59. Everything is dandy!

But when the shipment is picked up and scanned by the machine, we get a report that shows that it was actually 12lb and 500 cubic inches (higher than the Shoebox limit).

Because the weight was higher, the system will push the parcel into a higher price bracket (which in this example is $18.25).

Therefore, you’ll see an adjustment charge of $5.66 for that order ($18.25 - $12.59 = $5.66). As you can see, this is simply a price adjustment to cover the difference.

Chargeable weight

If you see a chargeable weight amount added to your order, it is most likely because the total parcel volume was over the booked limit. Chargeable weight is simply a pricing structure that takes into account a parcel’s total dimensions (volume) as well as its weight.

When chargeable weight is applied to your order because of the parcel’s dimensions, it is calculated: L x W x H / 166 (166 is the divisor used by our delivery partners). 

How to avoid the price adjustment in the future:

When you’re booking your next shipment, choose a size that fits both the weight and total dimensions under the limit. 

If a parcel has been over-stuffed or not packaged quite right, it can add extra dimensions to the parcel – which means there often needs to be an adjustment made to the booking.

And keep in mind: If your parcel is packaged in a loose bag, remember to tape it down to avoid paying for unused space.

If you don’t have time for arithmetic, our size tool makes it super easy (and quick). Just enter your parcel’s dimensions and weight and it will select the correct size (and a more accurate price) for you.

Other charges

Oversized charge

You may be charged an extra fee if the parcel is measured at the depot and declared to be over the maximum dimensions Sendle can ship (that's anything over 20lb and/or 1728 cubic inches). This will show as an 'oversized charge', and takes into account a number of factors, like distance travelled, pickup and delivery locations, and how much the parcel is over the limit.

Carrier-branded packaging

To avoid an extra charge (from an additional cost the carrier passes on), please don't send your packages in branded or flat rate boxes from carriers such as USPS, FedEx or UPS (though your own personal brand is fine!). To find out more, check out our packaging guidelines.

If you believe the adjustment has been made in error, we recommend you reach out to our support team. Just make sure you include any relevant information like parcel weight and dimensions, or even photos (if you have them). We can then follow it up with our delivery provider, who will verify this information with photos from the scanning machines.

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