What are billing thresholds?

Billing thresholds are a payment feature of Sendle that work in addition to our regular billing cycle of once a week. A payment will only be triggered if your pending charges exceed the threshold value before the week is up. 

Basically, it means that if you're booking a lot of parcels in a shorter period of time and your pending charges hit a certain amount (or exceed that amount), Sendle will activate a payment.

It'll only apply to orders you’ve already booked and confirmed (we'll never charge you for parcels you haven't booked). 

Your threshold value is not an additional charge or on-going subscription fee. It is a trigger amount for us to process a payment for the parcels you have already sent

How it works

When you first start sending parcels with Sendle, your billing threshold will be set to an initial amount, depending on your Sendle account type. 

Standard: starting trigger threshold is $5 and the maximum threshold is $500

Premium: starting trigger threshold is $5 and the maximum threshold is $1,000

Pro: starting trigger threshold is $5 and the maximum threshold is $4,000

All charges associated with your Sendle account contribute to your threshold limits (including adjustment charges). As you continue to make successful payments, your billing threshold will increase until it reaches the maximum threshold amount.  

In any one week, you may reach your billing threshold once, multiple times, or never, depending on your billing threshold and of course, how many parcels you’re sending. 

If you don’t reach your threshold, you’ll be charged at the end of the week, as per usual.

For example: 

  1. Let’s say you’ve been happily sending out orders and your current billing amount is sitting at $45. Your billing threshold is set at $50.
  2. Then you book another order for $15, taking your total outstanding billing amount to $60. 
  3. As this last order has taken you over your billing threshold of $50, payment will be triggered and we’ll attempt payment for the full $60.

What happens when you hit the threshold?

If you hit your billing threshold while using Sendle, it’ll trigger a payment to go through immediately (keeping in mind that the amount charged may be greater than the billing threshold, depending on how the total order amounts work out).

If payment is successful: you can continue sending parcels and living your best life (you’ll also get an email with a breakdown of the invoice as well as more information about your account and billing).

If payment is unsuccessful: you won’t be able to send any more parcels until the amount is paid. We’ll let you know within the dashboard if this happens, as you may need to update your billing information or enter a new card.

More information about billing and payments:

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