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Sendle is integrated with OrderCup, a cloud-based system that streamlines and automates order management, fulfilment and shipping for eCommerce. Their innovative and easy to use system integrates seamlessly with leading shopping carts and Sendle.

There are two ways you can integrate your OrderCup account with Sendle as your preferred shipping partner – and both only take a few minutes!

Setting up your account

Good news! You can already use Sendle straight from your existing OrderCup account (jump forward to see how) – but if you'd like to create an account for both before you start, you can do that too: 

Create accounts for OrderCup and Sendle

If you have a Sendle account and an OrderCup account, it’s super easy to connect them. 

Generate your Sendle API:

  1. Log in to your Sendle dashboard.
  2. Click on the Settings tab on your left.
  3. Click on the API tab at the top. 
  4. Follow the prompts to generate an API key and your Sendle ID.
  5. Complete the Dangerous Goods declaration on the Sender details tab (you’ll need to do this to use Sendle).
  6. Add a credit card for billing purposes (this is required to make the integration work).

Next, head on over to your OrderCup dashboard and enter your Sendle details:

  1. In OrderCup, go to Settings --> Carriers and Fulfilment --> Sendle. 
  2. Enter your Sendle ID and API Key and hit ‘Save’.
  3. Enable Sendle shipping services.
  4. To enable click Configure Shipping Services enabled while shipping on the Sendle settings page. Check the services  you want to use (Sendle currently supports just one service) and click the Save button.

That's it! Your Sendle account is now configured in OrderCup. You should now see ‘Sendle Standard Shipping’ as a service option.

Or ship with OrderCup's built-in Sendle account instead!

Now you also have the option to use OrderCup's built-in Sendle account! Here's how:

  1. Log in to OrderCup and go to Settings>Payment Methods>Credit Cards.
  2. Add your credit card.
  3. Check the 'Master Shipping Account' (MSA) checkbox to activate your MSA.
  4. Go to Settings>Master Shipping Account
  5. Adjust your auto-replenishment settings and check 'Sendle'.
  6. Save to activate Sendle shipping (and if you're on an OrderCup paid pricing plan, you'll automatically get Sendle Pro prices!)

More info?

If you’d like info about Sendle’s API, this article could be handy

However, if you have questions about the OrderCup platform, we recommend you reach out directly to OrderCup support.

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